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P.I.M.A. is specialize in the Paranormal Field. We offer to help you for free of charge No Money involved. But We do accept Donations. We offer confidential and private Investigations, this is where our clients information is confidential and we respect our clients wishes at all times on how they want us to handle their information Basically HIP LAW. P.I.M.A. will do the best of our knowledge and experience to help you with the claims that are being experience, but we can't get rid of the spirits or ghosts. We can only help you understand and live side by side with the spirit. We do travel 100 miles away from Mattoon, IL. If you would want us to help you out, fill the form out or email us at We will try to get to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Where you can donate to help us with our investigations!

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