Our Mission and History of PIMA

To help those who feel threatened or wanting to know and understand what is going on with their own property, home, business or own well being whether it be by paranormal activity or natural causes.

Our Motto is: Open Minds Protect Us, Loyalty of Pure Hearts. 

Our understanding of the paranormal is that something that can't be bunked or can't be explained. Ghost hunting is one of those and you can also consider UFO's, also. When it comes to unknown factors Towards animal cases, it Boggles our minds. PIMA has the background, research, and tools to do the jobs of some cases. Ghost hunting is a major part of where we are Experienced inside and outside. Explaining our theories and Thoughts about how to Approach certain Phenomenal Happening. Showing how we use our knowledge of natural happenings that explains certain ways of what we have captured in our debunked evidence and using the paranormal side to show true Unexplained phenomenal happenings. Every one of our people of  the team are trained in certain ways that have special skills that they use. Tools is the scientific way of helping us prove Natural happening Or unexplained Phenomenal Happenings. Video, photos, and recording is the best way to capture everything that happens in certain areas of the Phenomenal happenings.

 The Extreme Hunters

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